Where She Went – Quote of the Week

When I read If I Stay , I had no idea it would become one of my favorite books ever, but to be honest … I like Where She Went better.

I read those two books back in 2011, and when I was done, I sent and email to my friends telling them to read them … they read them … 3 years later LOL but they did, just in time for the movie 😛

And going to the movies was such an experience … the girl sitting next to me was crying a river, and her boyfriend was kind of laughing … I just wanted to watch the movie in silence …

Anyway, the thing is, that since everybody is talking about the movie and the book I thought that instead of sharing my review, I would share my favorite quotes …

“You know, I thought about that a lot these last couple of years,” She says in a choked voice. “About who was there for you. Who held your hand while you grieved for all that you’d lost?”

OK … yep … it’s a quote from Where She Went and it summarizes the book perfectly …

“I look at her there in the shadows of the shut-down city, her hair falling onto her face, and I can see her trying to figure out if I’ve lost it. And I have to fight the urge to take her by the shoulders and slam her against a shuttered building until we feel the vibrations ringing through both of us. Because I suddenly want to hear her bones rattle. I want to feel the softness of her flesh give, to hear her gasp as my hip bone jams into her. I want to yank her head back until her neck is exposed. I want to rip my hands through her hair until her breath is labored. I want to make her cry and then lick up the tears. And then I want to take my mouth to hers, to devour her alive, to transmit all the things she can’t understand.”

Ohhh Adam … you make the best heart breaking quotes ever!!!


Any other quotes you like???