We are two bookaholics / book addicts / bookworms / beautiful women that one day said “We love books! Let’s do something about it!!!”  (As in writing a blog … not reducing our Amazon, Gandhi Bookstore or BookDepository monthly budget … that’s untouchable!!)

So, here we are, sharing our reviews with the world!!!! Our reviews are serious … Nah! they are fun, sarcastic, witty  and sometimes they include rambling, tons of gifs, funny comments and fangirling. Yes … fangirling!!!

But it all depends on the book, on the feelings the story inspire in us 🙂

We well also include posts about other things we love (Our healthy addictions) such as music, stuff happening in the world, tv series, movies, etc.

So … What are you waiting for!!??

Follow our blog and let’s chat about books!!!

Ahhh … let’s not forget how we rate books …

Rating System

Well … we use GoodReads much more than FaceBook so …

5 stars – It was amazing, it changed my life, I want the world to read it, and I can read it again 1000 times, I’m addicted to this book.
4 stars – Really liked it, it was very very good, I want my friends to read it, and I will probably read it again.
3 stars – Liked it, it was good, nothing special but I enjoyed it.
2 stars – It was okay, plain, meh.
1 star – Didn’t like it, it has the cooties!!!

Want to know more about us??? Keep on reading!!!


Hi … my name is Mags and … I’m an Engineer with a Master Degree in Manufacture …

And a bookaholic, seriously, I carry my kindle everywhere and if you give half-hour alone at a bookstore, you’ll see me buy a minimun of three books (Hubby is afraid of that …). I’m the kind of person you see reading while waiting in the line of a store, while drinking coffee at starbucks, at a restaurant while waiting for my friends to arrive (although I’m the one late most of the time) … I read everywhere anytime!!! Something similar and scarier happens if you leave me alone at M.A.C makeup counter or Sephora … better not talk about it.

My fav artist is Van Gogh, my fav TV shows are Greys Anatomy, Revenge, True Blood and GofT, the always classic timeless FRIENDS… ohhh and I’m still mourning the loss of House MD.

Watercolor painting is my newest addiction, although photography is my biggest hobby (after reading of course!), check out my other blog about photography and watercolor “Breathing Watercolor and Photography“.

My fav museum is Van Gogh’s in Amsterdam, the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted was an “unknown” in Vienna, my fav city is London and my fav color is deep dark blue… however the predominant color in my closet is pink (I know … what the hell!!??), the best coffee ever is Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte but sadly it is only sold during Christmas Season so I drink all I can during November and December.

I’ve watched Pride & Prejudice the movie like 15 times, and the BBC Television Mini Serie 3 or 4 times, complete … talk about addictions, ohh and the book, I’ve read it in english and spanish 😛 My fav Trilogy Movie Serie has to be The Transporter starring Jason Statham, there is just something about that guy driving a black BMW or Audi, always with an impeccable black suit… not that Lord of the Rings is not my fav too … is just that … well … ok I love them both!!!


Hi! So I’m starting this blog with my very bestest friend ever in the whole wide world (that’s a phrase from Hopeless and I just love it!) her nickname is Mags (and Oli if you’re reading this, the phrase also applies to you), and she told me that I’ve to write about me and it’s really strange ‘cause I’m usually a really reserved person and I don’t talk about me at all (I only have my picture on my facebook page, goodreads profile and twitter account, and I think is the same picture) so I’m going to try and write something as good as Mags’ about me section (I love how she writes what’s on her mind without a filter or second thought). So without further ado here it is: my name is Irais and I’m a girl (I’ve to clarify because it’s an unusual name and not too many people have heard it). I love my name and I love more the fact that is really, really unusual in my country.

What else? what else? hmmm I’m and engineer (mechatronics). I’ve known Mags almost 15 years, we have very similar tastes but at the same time very different (I know it doesn’t make sense but that’s how I think we’re).

I loveeee books, and the problem with me is that I get easily obsessed when I really, really like something, I just can’t get enough of it, so when Mags told me “let’s start a book blog!” I said “yes!” (well the truth is that I usually say yes to everything Mags thinks… but that’s a subject for another time…).

Maybe I should start talking about my likes (another thing about me is that I easily go off on a tangent…).I love mysteries (books, tv shows, movies) usually the ones that have to do with murders or FICTIONAL serial killers. I like dramatic stories, I don’t know why but I do. I think they’re so, so sweet and beautiful, but Mags says that I’ve serious problems with them… (Mags says: I don’t know why she likes to read painful books!!!) Hmmm I also love supernatural/paranormal stuff (like powers, vampires, witches, and other beings but not ghosts or spirits or stuff like that because  I’m easily scared and believe me you don’t want to hear me scream or be near me ‘cause I hit, slap, grip, etc. whomever is nearest) what else? hmmm I also like dystopian stories (it’s the trend)…

We are mexican, so … english is our second language … sorry if there are typos, grammar or drafting mistakes … etc.


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