The Iron Duke (Iron Seas #1) by Meljean Brook


My Thoughts…

First of all ….. I like the german cover better



OK … having said that …

My rating is



This book was meant for 4-5 stars …

The world building was amazing, I loved the description of the artifacts, ships, machines, everything. The idea of the nanoagents was original … and … hell I like the concept … a lot… my mind was all the time imaging the scenery and ships …

The heroine, Mia, is strong, intelligent and down to earth … she was not running wipping and screaming at the hero, she respected herself, and when she thought Rhys was lost for her, instead of crying she just keep on living, no self pity, no depression.

The hero ……… this is the reason this book got 3.5 stars… allow me to quote:


“At that point, Rhys had to force his thoughts back to shagging her …..”

“Thoughts of the Terror and of shagging receded…”

(Terror is the name of the ship)

“The first opportunity he got, Rhys was going to shag her blind…”

Do I have to go on??? This guy, Rhys is a good looking totally hot pirate … I get it … but “shag” as you can see … was all that was on his mind … ok maybe not at all times … but most of the time …

With all that “shaggin” all I could think about was Austin Powers … Remember the first movie with Heather Graham as Felicity Shagwell???

In conclusion … yes … I read the next book Heart of Steel … just because Lady Corsair and Archimedes Fox were so funny and didn’t get along in The Iron Duke. Hearth of Steel was superior to the Iron Duke, I’ll post the 4 star review later.

The story is never boring, its full of adventure, evil machines, weird and ingenious artifacts, amazing ships, interesting characters and a good plot, for a romances, it is very good, my only problem was the Iron Duke :/




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