Fall with Me by Julie Particka


My Thoughts

This is a very light and cute read, I was looking for something relaxing and funny, and I found this book.

The story is typical romance, Jenna is betrayed by her fiance, Adam, and her best friend, Lacey, she goes back to her hometown since she just graduated from college, doesn’t have a job and used to live with Adam. She starts working construction with her father but Sutton, Lacey’s older brother and former Jenna’s crush, is also working with him, you can imaging from there how the story develops.

I’m glad Jenna got rid of Adam, he was an *sshole and she wasted too much time in him, I was surprised by Lacey behavior, she was supposed to be Jenna’s best friend since forever and her attitude and actions didn’t explain how or why they were BFF, there was a point I thought Jenna was a complete doormat…

Jenna and Sutton relationship is really relaxed and funny, they have their sexy moments and at the end they end up together (sorry for the spoiler but it’s pretty obvious, it’s that kind of book) nevertheless I felt that the book would benefit from an epilogue or two more chapters or something like that.

Overall it earns  3starstribal , it was sweet and fun but not memorable.

Side note: this cover I also similar to several books, I’m beginning to think we should do a post about it…


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