Halloween Ideas Bookish Inspired – Steampunk

If you were to dress up in Halloween, inspired by a book, the easy way would be to get a nice braid, a bow and arrow and then BAM! Katniss. Maybe just some black, ink, a couple of guns and become a Divergent…. Or be a Steampunk Pirate, or a steampunk vampire!!!

So, I searched the web for halloween ideas inspired in some of my favorite steampunk series:

Iron Seas Series by  Meljean Brook

Vampire Empire by Clay and Susan Grffith

Both series are full of action, never boring, with lots of steampunk details and romance. What I liked the most is that I had to pause to imagine the ships and machined they described, I had to fight the urge to stop reading and draw them 😛 I’ll post the reviews of both series later.

Now … the makeup … These are some pretty cool tutorials I found online, hope you like them, and maybe, give you some inspiration for this year’s october 31.




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