Plausibility by Jettie Woodruff


My Thoughts

This story is really creepy and unlike its title really implausible, the story starts with Aquilla Chavez a.k.a. Quill, she’s a teenager part of a wealthy family but with secrets and threats since her father it’s in the drug business as well as chattels girls (a nice way of saying sex slaves even though they mention it isn’t coerced and the girls are paid and released at the end of their contract, call it like you want but let’s not kid ourselves…). At first she’s kind of oblivious about everything even though deep down she really suspects about it, yes! she lives in denial land…

She has a brother,  Julius Chavez, seven years her senior (I forgot to mention: they aren’t related even though their father pretends they’re) for whom she develops feelings and attraction. They give into their feelings and lust and have a relationship but then everything goes up in flames when the FBI raids their house, kills their father and detain her (Julius manages to escape).

That’s when everything becomes complicated because the truth about her origins is revealed, her whole world changes she doesn’t know what to believe or whom to trust and she just wants to be with Julius but he’s MIA.

I think the intention was to have an edgy and controversial book but it felt short, like I said it’s not plausible, logical or believable, therefore I give it only 3starstribal

On a side note the book cover has the exact same picture as another book I just saw on GR but didn’t paid attention to the title, I hate when that happens…


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