First Comes Love Series by Katie Kacvinsky



My Thoughts 

So this series was amazing, refreshing and sometimes a little frustrating…  but I’m getting ahead of time, first let me set the background: the story centers in  Dylan and Gray, Dylan is a really carefree girl in love with freedom and adventures, Gray is a college student that used to be a baseball player (see the theme? as I said yesterday, I’ve a thing for baseball players) with some emotional issues.

The story is refreshing because it isn’t an instant-love story nor a hate turns into love kind of story, it’s a really spontaneous relationship that blossoms from complete strangers to friends and then to something more… In the first book you get to know the characters at the same pace that they get to know each other, and just like them, you start to fall in love with them. Dylan is great, super creative, optimistic and sometimes a little naive to the degree that you start thinking that she’s a little selfish, Gray is a little closed off and stuck on the past, totally understandable given his situation but still sometimes also a little frustrating, you just want to shake or slap them and made them see reason….

The story is so real that you don’t get a HEA, what is great is that it isn’t tragic like other books, it ‘s completely natural, logical, rational and understandable, it goes with the characters growth, desires and ambitions, they have and on and off kind of relationship according to their beliefs and particular situations, they support each other even though sometimes they’re disappointed or hurt, but they understand that it’s best for them.

This wonderful series gets 4starstribal


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