We’re back!!!

YES! We are back!!!

Where we gone? Well … yes … sort of …

I (Mags) got pregnant and got a new job, so I was pretty busy between preparing classes (I’m a teacher at the local university) and puking my guts out!!! My baby boy is born now, still have a job, but things are less busy, if that makes any sense, with the baby and all …

Irais is so smart, she got new projects at work and … well, she’s been very very busy.

But now we’re back, and expect to see new posts, there are some amazing books we’ll review soon.




2 thoughts on “We’re back!!!

    • Babies are beautiful amazing time consuming creatures LOL … I love my little one!! Yep, he’s the reason I’ve been missing book releases πŸ˜› and everything else. But now I’m back πŸ™‚

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