Tuesday Aug 19 – Book Release Day!!!! Visions by Kelley Armstrong

Every tuesday arrives with new books, and today we are excited for

Visions: A Cainsville Novel

Visions is the book 2 in the Cainsville Series, if you haven’t read the first,Omens: A Cainsville Novel, then you have to … do it!! READ IT NOW!!! I’ll upload Omens Review soon (I read it a year ago, and I still haven’t wrote the review … and its one of my favorite books …. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME!!!???) … in the meanwhile … here you have some Omens quotes that, I hope, will pick your interest  …

“First you buy me a mocha. Then you let me help you hide a body. Now you take me to a biker clubhouse. Best. Day. Ever.”

You want a strong heroine, Olivia, a complex (and kind of douche) hero, Gabriel, and a good mystery with a touch of supernatural??

“When I hung up, Gabriel said, “Now you’re going out that—”
“I’m not leaving you.”
“Don’t be stupid. I have a gun.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the .45.
“Which will knock you on your ass if you try firing with a bad leg. Sit down before you fall.”
“Sit down.”
I walked to the door and peered out. If I strained, I could hear footsteps above. Anderson would search the other rooms first. Then he’d come down here.
When I returned, Gabriel was still standing, leaning against the washing machine. Stubborn bastard.
“So you’re staying with me?” he said.
“You may not want to do that.”
“Too bad.”
“I wouldn’t stay for you.”
“Probably not.”
His mouth opened, as if he’d been prepared for me to disagree. He paused and then said, “I wouldn’t. You know I wouldn’t.”
“Doesn’t matter. You’re my partner. I watch your back.”

Don’t expect insta-love with you-can-cut-the-sexual-tension-in-the-air-with-a-knife. But I expect some smexy time in Visions … or … eventually!!!!!

Now … if you excuse me …



The Cherry On Top by Arielle Hudson


Meet Kayla Sharp – whip smart with nerves of steel, she’s a no-nonsense New Yorker who’s built herself the (almost) perfect life. The only problem? Kayla’s twenty-fifth birthday is on the horizon and she’s never had sex. Never. Not once. Well…fantasies don’t count, right?

Men love Kayla…as a friend. They love working with her and talking with her and hanging with her. But when she’s looking to get down and dirty, the guys are looking for introductions to Kayla’s cuter friends.

A business trip to sinful Las Vegas presents her with the opportunity she’s been waiting for. With characteristic verve, Kayla orders herself a gorgeous male escort to get her over this little hump and on the track to her ideal life. But when there’s a mix up and Fitz bangs on her door instead, Kayla realizes she might be getting way more than she bargained for…

It doesn’t take more than a few moments with confident, compelling Kayla before Fitz starts spinning plans of his own. Plans of an extremely sexual nature. But when Kayla and Fitz get tangled up outside the sheets, what was meant to be a one-off night might become an affair to remember.

Sexy to the point of explicit and funny to the point of hysterical, The Cherry on Top is the story of an ugly duckling who realizes she doesn’t need a transformation to be the most desirable woman in the room.


When I first read the blurb, gotta be honest, I had my doubts … glad I was WRONG!!!

Kayla is a successful intelligent woman with a bright carreer ahead. But take out the business outfit and she is an insecure woman with a permanent spot in the friend zone. One day she went to Vegas, for work, and decided to take care of her needs and hired and escort. Obviously, things didn’t go as planned …

Kayla opened the door and there he was, a guy so hot he was perfect escort material ………… but he wasn’t an escort ……

Fitz knocked on a door and there she was, in sexy lingerie and the right mood, thinking he was an escort …..

You can imagine what happened next … she found out and kicked him out of her hotel room …………….. well … what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas … right???

Remember Kayla was in a business trip??? Next day she picks up what is left of her dignity and goes to a meeting ….. and ….



I was laughing so hard, seriously … I felt Kayla’s embarrasment … of all people … of all places … the gigolo-wanna-be was her big client!!!!

So, the story goes on and we are witness to Kayla and Fitz relationship, and how they influenced each other. And that’s the part I liked the most about the book, Kayla’s evolution as a character. We see her gradual change into a strong confident woman in all aspects of her life, to the point that when the innevitable happens,.. SPOILER!!!!(Highlight to read) …  she was confident enough to start dating, she was not depressed crying rivers because they were apart, of course she missed him, but she was not dependant on him. No Bella Swan!!!

Fitz was a guy … a typical guy … what can I say? I liked the fact that he was not the classic alpha male you see in all romance books, he has no tortuous past that makes him cry at night, he has no painful secrets or dark nightmares that only love can chase away ………….. he is just a guy that likes to work hard to earn his $$$$ and takes care of himself (go to the gym, etc). And you know what … that’s HOT!!

So, if you’re looking for a funny read with smexy times, this is for you. The characters are believable and likable (even Kayla’s friend with all her theories LOL… see next quote), the story is funny and sexy, and yep, you’ll have a good time reading it.

“Or, do I need to get the banana?” Just like that they were off again. Lughing so hard, Kayla fell off he couch and continued to laugh on the carpet.




Thanks to the author for providing the book in exchange for an honest review!!!

Back to School Makeup Tutorial … NOT!!

I was browsing youtube and came across this channel MadeYewLook … OMG … the makeup artist is amazing … she makes some amazing looks for HALLOWEEN … yep!

When I saw the title of this video I was like … no way she did something that “ordinary” … I was wrong!!!

She looks creepy … very very creepy, in my humble opinion …

Anyway … if you’re already preparing for October 31 … check this out.


We’re back!!!

YES! We are back!!!

Where we gone? Well … yes … sort of …

I (Mags) got pregnant and got a new job, so I was pretty busy between preparing classes (I’m a teacher at the local university) and puking my guts out!!! My baby boy is born now, still have a job, but things are less busy, if that makes any sense, with the baby and all …

Irais is so smart, she got new projects at work and … well, she’s been very very busy.

But now we’re back, and expect to see new posts, there are some amazing books we’ll review soon.