The Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins

The Blurb…

What if there were teens whose lives literally depended on being bad influences?
This is the reality for sons and daughters of fallen angels.
Tenderhearted Southern girl Anna Whitt was born with the sixth sense to see and feel emotions of other people. She’s aware of a struggle within herself, an inexplicable pull toward danger, but it isn’t until she turns sixteen and meets the alluring Kaidan Rowe that she discovers her terrifying heritage and her willpower is put to the test. He’s the boy your daddy warned you about. If only someone had warned Anna.
Forced to face her destiny, will Anna embrace her halo or her horns?

My Thoughts…

So I read Origin (Lux #4) two weeks ago and I really was disappointed, I used to love Daemon and I don’t know… the spark was gone, the story felt meh…  and was totally predictable, nevertheless the one good thing about the book is that Jennifer L. Armentrout made a reference of the Sweet Evil the first book of Wendy Higgins trilogy about the sons and daughters of fallen angels.  I was intrigued and stared reading the book and I was hooked! I finish it as well as the second book and two extras from Wendy’s blog (Chapter 1 and 26 form Kaidan POV) in less than 3 days!!! I loved the story and even though I have read some books about angels the story felt different and fresh.

Ana knows she’s different but doesn’t know why, she’s adopted, her mother died at childbirth and her father is in prison so she doesn’t have someone to answers her questions. Then she meets Kaidan Rowe drummer in a semi-famous band and the embodiment of lust, he’s the first guy that Anna feels attracted to (and with good reason). Anna is surprised when Kaidan appears to know what she’s. So they embark in a road trip to visit her father so she can finally have answers, and as usual everything gets complicated after that.

Long story short Anna is the daughter of Belial (Duke of Substance Abusse) but her mother was a Guardian Angel, so she’s good and bad. (FYI Kaidan is the son of the Duke of Lust). Anna is part of a long forgotten prophecy and she”s supposed to rid the earth of all demons, send to heaven the repentant lost angels and to hell the forever lost.

For me it was really interesting the concept of being the embodiment of a particular sin, fighting that nature and  trying to be good. Don’t get me wrong many of the Duke’s offspring do it gladly but some are forced to do their biding not having a choice whatsoever.

Now I have to wait until next year to see what happens and it’s killing me!!!!


Sweet Evil
Sweet Reckoning (Sweet Evil)
Sweet Peril



reviewed by irais v2


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