Dark Genesis by Dave Ferraro

The Blurb…

Alyssa opened her eyes to darkness. And in the first flash of light provided by a gathering storm, she could make out a ring of bodies surrounding her.

With no memory of who she is, Alyssa stumbles into a dark world populated by witches. The witches are powerful, and demonstrate frightening powers, but even more terrifying are the monsters who rule over the land. Vampires, werewolves and other awful creatures of the night have taken over, forcing the witches behind stone walls, afraid to venture outdoors. But Alyssa finds that as she kills certain monsters, memories return to her, memories of a life on Earth, and the boy she left behind.

The quest to collect her memories and piece together the puzzle of what has happened to her is a daunting one, with betrayals and sacrifices every step of the way. But Alyssa is determined to fight for a world that is not her own, destroying powerful monsters along the way, so that she can return home to the boy she is coming to love through the memories she recollects.


My thoughts…

This was not the book for me, a little too fairy tale… but that doesn’t mean that isn’t a good book, I think is well written and if you’re into fairy tale kind of stories this is definitely the book for you

I was expecting something different, more like paranormal urban fantasy, so maybe that’s why I didn’t liked the book so much…

The book stars a little too slow paced and then at the 70% of the book everything happens too quickly and the end was a little disappointing, after all Alyssa had to overcome I was like “seriously?????”

I was more interested in Alyssa previous life than what was happening in this other world/dimension/plane or whatever you want to call it

Also somethings were really predictable

The good thing was that some of the supporting characters where interesting but the villains felt kind of meh…

Dark Genesis



reviewed by irais v2

Book provided by the author in exchange of my honest review.


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