Delia’s Shadow by Jaime Lee Moyer

The Blurb…

A dark, romantic fantasy set against the backdrop of San Francisco devastated by the Great Quake

It is the dawn of a new century in San Francisco and Delia Martin is a wealthy young woman whose life appears ideal. But a dark secret colors her life, for Delia’s most loyal companions are ghosts, as she has been gifted (or some would say cursed) with an ability to peer across to the other side.

Since the great quake rocked her city in 1906, Delia has been haunted by an avalanche of the dead clamoring for her help. Delia flees to the other side of the continent, hoping to gain some peace. After several years in New York, Delia believes she is free…until one determined specter appears and she realizes that she must return to the City by the Bay in order to put this tortured soul to rest.

It will not be easy, as the ghost is only one of the many victims of a serial killer who was never caught. A killer who after thirty years is killing again. 

And who is now aware of Delia’s existence.

My thoughts…

Where you a fan of the TV show Ghost Whisperer?

Did you read The Name of the Star and liked it?

Then you’ll love this book!!!

Mix Ghost Whisperer with Jack the Ripper and add the setting of a 1915 San Francisco and you get Delia’s Shadow.

Delia is a woman, and she … well …

So she can see dead people’s ghosts, but one of them, one in particular, the ghost of a woman, is following her around, like a shadow. Delia was working in NYC and when she goes back to San Francisco, to her friend Sadie’s house, Shadow tries to tell her things trough her dreams, but those are not pleasant thing … those dreams become nightmares when Delia re-lives the way Shadow was murdered.

Sadie’s fiancé Jack and his partner Gabe are cops investigating a serial killer in town, but things get complicated when said serial killer targets their family, Delia and Sadie.

The thing is, Shadow is more than she seems, she’s connected to Jack AND the Serial Killer. And Delia’s dreams are the key.

I like the book, it has a good pace, although I would have liked a bit more romance. The mystery was good enough to keep me on my toes … however some parts were predictable. So yeah, I recommend the book, if you like the serial killer + ghosts mystery without the gore 😉



Delia’s Shadow

A copy of the book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.


3 thoughts on “Delia’s Shadow by Jaime Lee Moyer

  1. Delia’s Shadow has such a wonderful cover, it looks really pretty. 🙂 I like the sound of this one although I don’t usually read murder mysteries (I to usually prefer books with “a bit more romance”!). I shall look out for it. Thanks.

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