Impatiently Waiting – August 2013

Here comes August, and the books we’ve been waiting for months and even years!!!


Biting Bad (Chicagoland Vampires #7) Ohh Ethan, I’m still reading the series just because of him!!!

The final book in the Broken Empire Trilogy. The hero you hate to love, Jorg is not yout typical MC, he’s a sociopath killer King with several issues.

Short novella about my dear Terrible, before falling in love with “Chessiebomb”.

Samantha Young writes New Adult … I really hope it’s as good as her Romance books, and YA books … I can read anything by this author.

OMG!!! The 2nd book in The Artist Trilogy. This is the one I’ve been talking about non-stop … poor Irais, she haven’t read the previous books but she knows the story, tnx for your patience bestie!!! I’m Team Javier … yes he’s “narco mexa” but I don’t care!!!!!

A new series by her majesty Queen of UF Kelley Armstrong. Yei!!!!!!!!!!


I enjoyed the first book a lot and I need this book now! (I’m finishing the second book this week) I’ll have to wait until the end of the month to see how everything ends…. Sav and Tristan don’t disappoint me please!!!!!

Er … don’t ask.

I’ve read Wide Awake by the same author and love it. I really hope this one is good too.

Mags and I are crazy about this one!!! Daemon Black!!! But the jacket looks weird…


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