Elite (Eagle Elite #1) by Rachel Van Dyken

“It’s going to be a long afternoon.” Nixon whistled.
“Because we are freaking living our own Romeo and Juliet.”

The blurb…

For Tracey Rooks, life with her grandparents on a Wyoming farm has always been simple. But after her grandmother’s death, Tracey is all her grandfather has. So when Eagle Elite University announces its annual scholarship lottery, Tracey jumps at the opportunity to secure their future and enters. She isn’t expecting much-but then she wins. And life as she knows it will never be same . . .

The students at Eagle Elite are unlike any she’s ever met . . . and they refuse to make things easy for her. There’s Nixon, gorgeous, irresistible, and leader of a group that everyone fears: The Elect. Their rules are simple. 1. Do not touch The Elect. 2. Do not look at The Elect. 3. Do not speak to The Elect. No matter how hard she tries to stay away, The Elect are always around her and it isn’t long until she finds out the reason why they keep their friends close and their enemies even closer. She just didn’t realize she was the enemy — until it was too late.

My thoughts…

The characters:

Trace: A home-schooled poor farm girl, her parents died in a car crash and she’s been living with her grandparents since then. She’s stubborn and strong, naïve but loyal to her friends and grandpa.

Nixon: Arrogant, rich and sexy sonovabitch. He speaks 10 languages, he’s head of the student council, his family owns Eagle Elite College and everybody (including teachers) worships the ground he walks in. You cross him, you pay. He’s ruthless and remorseless when he has to.

Chase: Nixon’s best friend, he’s loyal, funny, thoughtful but also merciless. He always has Nixon’s back. He’s Trace’s best male friend at college.

The story:

After winning the annual Eagle Elite College Scholarship lottery, Trace arrives to campus and is greeted by Nixon and his minions, they call themselves ”The Elect”. It goes without saying that the Elect’s welcome is everything but warm, Trace finds herself in a word that … ahhh! This quote explains it …

His face light up with a smile, and honestly, it was like staring at a fallen angel. Nixon was gorgeous. He was an ass, but he was a gorgeous ass. “You feel his?” His hand continued moving up my arm until he reached my shoulder, and then his hand moved to my neck and his thumb grazed my trembling lips. “Memorize it now, because as of this moment, you can’t touch us. We are untouchable. If you as much as sneeze in our direction, if you as much as breathe the same air in my atmosphere, I will make your life hell. This touch, what you feel against your skin, will be the only time you feel another human being as powerful as me near you. So like I said, feel it, remember it, and maybe one day, your brain will do you the supreme favor of forgetting what it felt like to have someone like me touching you. Then, and only then, will you be able to be happy with some mediocre boyfriend and pathetic life.”
He jerked his hand away from my face. “Pathetic. Are you going to cry? Really?” Nixon scowled and held out his hand to Chase. Chase handed him some Purell.
“Don’t want to get farm in my hands, you understand.” Nixon smiled such a mean smile that I literally had to clench my hands at my sides to keep from punching him in the face and getting expelled.

Ohh by the way, Purell is an American brand of hand sanitizer, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, after the icy welcome, Trace finds out she’s roommate to Monroe, Nixon’s sister. They obviously become BFFs, and Monroe sort of helps her fit in. Chase helps a litte too 😉

The problem? Apparently rich powerful people are evil, because Trace is humiliated on several occasions, until Nixon protects her. What can a lamb do when surrounded by wolves? Yep … NOTHING! So … Nixon to the rescue!!

As Trace and Nixon become closer, and falling for each other, things start to get weird, at least from Trace’s perspective. Want an example? Who needs a convoy like this one when going grocery shopping?

There is something wrong with Nixon’s family, but what?? Why does Chase always do what Nixon orders?

One day, everything changes, Trace finds a piece of jewelry her grandma left her, and when Nixon sees it … well …

And the story picks up … and my issues began … see … the Elect are mobsters. Yep! So … you get what I mean with the gif above … right???? Trace and her grandpa had a very serious conversation (apparently grandpa is not a cute innocent farmer and Nixon is not a stranger she just met, not at all), Chase became Trace’s bodyguard and Nixon got all caveman to protect her, ‘cause now she’s a target. Insert drama here, the “I’m treating you like crap because everybody must think I don’t like you, so they won’t try to hurt me by hurting you, and therefore I’m keeping you safe by not making you a bigger target” kind of drama. Trace gets upset (You go girl!!! Kick his ass!!!) and where does she finds comfort?? Yep! Chase!!

I think the mobster part of the story is what cost the book one star. There is no way a guy in his early 20’s would be the super mob boss while living at a college and playing babysitter (Ok maybe … just maybe because of his father’s “condition” but still)… and at the end of the book the traitor’s punishment was light, you would think a mobster would do something more creative. Ohh and Trace’s is so naïve … many things were crystal clear and she was oblivious, she’s supposed to be intelligent!!! And when she finally caught up with everything, she was like “OK!!!* Smiley face*” … She accepted everything easily. But I respect her, she put Nixon in his place!!

The love triangle …… why is there a love triangle?? We already know the second guy doesn’t even have a chance!!!! Coff coff * Chase* coff coff. There goes another star.

At the end of the book, there is a teaser from the sequel, the first chapter … that alone makes me …

Hotness factor: Warm!! Cute scenes but nothing graphic.
NOTE: There is an almost-rape scene and violence.

Unpredictable factor: I wasn’t THAT surprised. But this is one of those books that you enjoy even though it’s crystal ball clear.

Veredict: The book was addictive; there is something about the story and the characters that kept me glued to my kindle. If you are OK with a hot male lead who is a jerk 99% of the time (even when he’s trying to protect the heroine) then read it. If you like “Gossip Girl” and, read and loved Sempre, then this book is for you (OK … Sempre and Elite are very different, except for the mobster theme, but you get the idea).

Rating: 3 stars!!!


(And I’m ignoring a quote that bothered me a lot)

“Stupid girls. We always need rescuing.”

The ebook was provided by NetGalley in exchange of a honest review.



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